Workshop tour of Santiago


The workshop was led by Professors Rosanna Forray, Rocío Hidalgo, Fábio Duarte, Jan Wampler, and Chris Zegras, with the support of the Departments of Urban Studies and Planning and Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Studies and the Department of Transportation Engineering and Logistics at the Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), and the Across Latitudes and Cultures Bus Rapid Transit (ALC-BRT) Centre of Excellence.   Other faculty from the ALC-BRT Centre and the Center of Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS), Juan Carlos Muñoz and Juan Carlos Herrera, also assisted in the workshop.


PUC students began with analysis of the Gran Avenida corridor in Santiago in 2013. The MIT students then traveled to Santiago in August, 2013 for a weeklong workshop and charrette. Over the following six weeks, students worked in site-focused teams, collaborating remotely to produce urban design proposals for segments of the corridor.

Charles River

Workshop tour of Boston

In October, 2013, the PUC students traveled to Boston and joined the MIT students for in-person final presentations of the Gran Avenida proposals. The students then shifted their focus to the proposed Urban Ring corridor, working together for a week, then in parallel over the subsequent months, before final presentations in December.

In both settings, the students met with various stakeholders, including representatives from transit agencies, municipalities, and passenger advocacy groups. Based on these perspectives, and the students’ own analyses and diagnostics, the teams each developed segment-specific visions for physical, social, and environmental outcomes. They were then tasked with developing cross-cutting transportation, urban design, planning, and funding strategies to realize these visions, and integrating these strategies along the length of the corridor.

Overview of Workshop Schedule

Overview of Workshop Schedule


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